We're all guilty of it...

Instagram is a wonderful place to source inspiration and be wowed by elaborate styling, locations, homes, aesthetic lives, and-- well, keep you wishing for things you likely don't need. This wow-factor has seeped into the corners of photography, leaving clients and photographers alike with the thought; "If it isn't perfect, why bother?"

atlanta family photographer near me
atlanta family photographer near me

Because you and your memories are always worthy

When my sweet best friend of nearly nine years reached out one balmy morning to let me know that her sixth beautiful baby had picked his birthday (to my delight, sharing the date with my second born), we both knew what would be best. Instead of packing up babies and moving a tender postpartum body to a different "aesthetically pleasing" location, I encouraged her to stay nestled in her home.

You are my priority!

Some may seek my photography work looking to adventure in a unique Atlanta Location, while others may want a sweet documentary within the comfort of their home. BOTH can produce lovely galleries that are cherished for generations.

Some may desire to borrow a sweeping boho style gown from my Client Closet, and some may wish to stay comfortable in jeans and their favorite blouse. BOTH can be styled just right to ensure that your images look cohesive and intentional.

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Location isn't always about looks...

It's about a feeling.

At the end of every day, photography exists to fill the spaces that words cannot. Photography speaks to the heart when the soul wishes for stillness. Photography asks you to stand in a moment and borrow it back, even if only for a moment.

Where a photo was taken is hardly the most important part.

If you are a client who's heart feels called to home, let's stay home. Let's snuggle up. Let's enjoy familiarity. Let's take it easy and not worry about getting somewhere.

I want YOU to look back on these images and remember the slow sweet mornings of your newborn, still curled up from their safety of the womb. I want you to remember the toddler fingers finding the dandelions. I want you to remember the big-kid legos just out of reach under the couch. This doesn't have to happen on a mountain top. And it certainly doesn't have to be Instagram worthy to be worthy at all.

atlanta family photographer near me